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I am an associate professor of economics at Insubria University (Varese), and a research associate of the Centre for philosophy of natural and social science (CPNSS) at the London School of Economics. At Bocconi University, Milan, I teach history of economic thought.

My research focuses on the history and methodology of microeconomics, with special attention to choice and utility theory, experimental and behavioral economics, and the epistemic foundations of game theory. I am currently writing a book on Measuring Utility: from the Marginal Revolution to Behavioral Economics for Oxford University Press.

A CV in English is attached here.

Last update of this webpage: May 2017.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (full list in the attached CV)

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Measuring Utility: from the Marginal Revolution to Behavioral Economics, under contract with Oxford University Press.

From Classical Political Economy to Behavioral Economics, Milano: Egea, 2012.


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