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Projects currently on the field:


Inside the Production Function: the Effect of Financial Contracts on Growing Firms' Technology Use with Francesco Loiacono, Andreas Madestam, Miri Stryjan


Changing Harmful Norms through Information and Coordination: Experimental Evidence from Somalia with Eliana La Ferrara, David Smerdon and Munshi Sulaiman


Returns to Childcare and Capital: Experimental Evidence from Uganda with Kjetil Bjorvatn, Denise Ferris, Arne Nasgowitz, Lore Vandewalle and Vincent Somville


Empowering Youth in Bolivia through Training and Mentoring with Manuela Puente Beccar and Diego Ubfal


Gender Based Violence and Education: Experimental Evidence from Mozambique with Sofia Amaral, Aixa García-Ramos, Alajendra Ramos and Maria Micaela Sviatschi





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