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Papers in international journals

The impact of COVID on the gender division of domestic activities: Evidence from two waves of the pandemic in Italy (forthcoming)
Daniela Del Boca, Noemi Oggero, Paola Profeta, Maria Cristina Rossi
IZA Journal of Labor Economics

Last change 19/06/2022

Do Board Gender Quotas Matter? Selection, Performance and Stock Market Effects (13/12/2021)
Giulia Ferrari, Valeria Ferraro, Paola Profeta, Chiara Pronzato
Management Science



Media coverage:

The Economist 3/9/2018

Il Sole 24 Ore 22/1/2018 and 20/9/2018

Herald Scotland  6/3/2017

Oxford Business Law blog 8/12/2016

LSE Business Review  17/10/2016

N-IUSSP 12/12/2016

Corriere della Sera  19/9/2016; 4/7/2016;

La Voce 4/10/2016; 6/3/2015

La 27esima Ora 23/10/2015

El Pais 12/3/2015

In genere 9/10/2014


Policy impact

This paper in "Relazione RGS - Bilancio di Genere 2017" (page 103), October 2018

Last change 26/12/2021

Statistical Discrimination and Committees (01/01/2022)
J.Ignacio Conde Ruiz, J.Jose' Ganuza, Paola Profeta
European Economic Review

Volume 141, January 2022, 103994


Last change 26/12/2021

Electoral rules, women's representation and the quality of politicians (forthcoming)
Paola Profeta and Eleanor Woodhouse
Comparative Political Studies

Last change 01/09/2021

Fathers' involvement in the family, fertility and maternal employment: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe (01/10/2021)
Ester Fanelli and Paola Profeta

58 (5): 1931–1954.

Media coverage:

Corriere della Sera- Economia 8/3/2021

Last change 26/12/2021

Women and local public finance (forthcoming)
A. Casarico, S. Lattanzio and P. Profeta
European Journal of Political Economy

Last change 08/08/2021

Gender Differences in COVID-19 Related Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from a Panel Survey in Eight OECD Countries (15/10/2020)
Vincenzo Galasso, Vincent Pons, Paola Profeta, Michael Becher, Sylvain Brouard, Martial Foucault
PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)

Research paper

NBER working paper 27359 (2020)

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Harvard Business School



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Hindustan Times

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Last change 22/03/2021

Women's and men's work, housework and childcare, before and during COVID-19. (2020)
Del Boca, D., Oggero, N., Profeta, P., Rossi, M.C.
Review of Economics of the Household

18(4): 1001-1017

CEPR Covid Economics 28: 70-90.

Media coverage:

Financial Times


La 27esima ora

Corriere della Sera

Last change 08/08/2021

Gender Equality and Public Policy during Covid-19 (2020)
Paola Profeta
CESifo Economic Studies

66(4): 365-375

Last change 01/09/2021

Let the voters choose women (forthcoming)
Baltrunaite, A., Casarico, A., Profeta, P. and Savio, G.
Journal of Public Economics

Media Coverage:

Corriere della Sera, 23/5/2016

27esima Ora 1/2/2016

Last change 03/12/2019

Tax Policy and Economic growth: Does it really matter? (2019)
D. Baiardi, P.Profeta, R. Puglisi, S. Scabrosetti
International Tax and Public finance 26(2): 282-316

Last change 07/04/2019

When the State Mirrors the Family: The Design of Pension Systems (2018)
Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta
Journal of the European Economic Association 1-52

Last change 07/04/2019

Information and Women's Intention: Experimental evidence about child care (2017)
F. Billari, V. Galasso, P. Profeta and C. Pronzato
European Journal of Population 331(1): 109-128

Last change 21/08/2017

Affirmative action and the power of the elderly (2015)
A. Baltrunaite, C. Casarico and P. Profeta
CESifo Economic Studies 61(1): 148-164

Last change 28/05/2015

On the regional labour market determinants of female university enrolment in Europe (2015)
A. Casarico, P. Profeta, C. Pronzato
Regional Studies 50(6): 1036-1053

Last change 21/09/2016

Gender quotas and the quality of politicians (2014)
A. Baltrunaite, P. Bello, A. Casarico, P. Profeta
Journal of Public Economics 118:62-74

This paper in RAI1, Porta a Porta 8 March 2012


Last change 04/10/2018

Wealth transfer taxation: An empirical investigation (2014)
P. Profeta, S. Scabrosetti and S.Winer
International Tax and Public Finance 21(4):720-767

Last change 22/07/2014

Lobbying for education in a two-sector model (2014)
D. Digioacchino, P. Profeta
Economics and Politics 26(2): 212-236

Last change 22/07/2014

Does democracy affect taxation and public spending? Evidence from developing countries (2013)
P. Profeta, R. Puglisi and S. Scabrosetti
Journal of Comparative Economics 41: 684-717

Last change 11/06/2014

On the political economics of tax reforms: survey and empirical assessment (2013)
M. Castanheira, G. Nicodème, P. Profeta
International tax and Public Finance 19(4): 598-624.

Last change 11/06/2014

The role of income effects on early retirement (2013)
J.I. Conde-Ruiz, V. Galasso and P. Profeta
Journal of Public Economic Theory 15(3): 477-505.

Last change 11/06/2014

Public education and redistribution when talents are mismatched (2012)
M. Bernasconi, P. Profeta
European Economic Review 56(1): 84-96.

Last change 11/06/2014

Gender culture and gender gap in employment (2011)
P. Campa, A. Casarico and P. Profeta
CESifo Economic Studies 57(1):156-182

Last change 11/06/2014

Investing for the Old Age: Pensions, Children and Savings (2009)
V.Galasso, R. Gatti and P. Profeta
International Tax and Public Finance 16(4): 538-559.

This paper in the press: Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Cittadino, Italia Oggi

Last change 11/06/2014

Tax complexity with heterogeneous voters (2009)
E. Galli, P. Profeta
Public Finance and Management 9(2): 1-33

Last change 11/06/2014

Why are more redistributive social security systems smaller? (2008)
M.Kothenburger, P. Poutvaara and P. Profeta
Oxford Economic Papers 60(2): 275-292.

Last change 11/06/2014

The Redistributive Design of Social Security Systems (2007)
J.I.Conde Ruiz and P. Profeta
The Economic Journal 117 (April): 686-712.

Last change 04/10/2018

How does aging affect the welfare state? (2007)
V. Galasso and P.Profeta
European Journal of Political Economy 23(2) June: 554-563.

Last change 11/06/2014

A further comment on aging and the welfare state (2007)
R.Disney, V.Galasso and P. Profeta
European Journal of Political Economy 23(2) June, 576-577

Last change 11/06/2014

Political Support and tax reforms with an application to Italy (2007)
Paola Profeta
Public Choice 131 (1-2) April: 141-55.

Last change 09/09/2013

Lessons for an Aging Society: the Political Sustainability of Social Security Systems (2004)
V. Galasso, P.Profeta
Economic Policy 63-115

Last change 21/08/2017

Aging, Retirement and Social Security in an Interest Groups Model (2004)
Paola Profeta
Mathematical Population Studies 11:93-120.

Last change 09/09/2013

Retirement and Social Security in a Probabilistic Voting Model (2002)
Paola Profeta
International Tax and Public Finance 9:331-348.

Last change 04/10/2018

Aging and Retirement: Evidence Across Countries (2002)
Paola Profeta
International Tax and Public Finance 9:649-670

Last change 09/09/2013

The Political Economy of Social Security: A Survey (2002)
V. Galasso and P.Profeta
European Journal of Political Economy 18: 1-29.




Last change 11/06/2014

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