Working Papers

Mom's out: Employment after Childbirth and Firm-Level Responses
F. Carta, A. Casarico, M. De Philippis and S. Lattanzio, IZA Discussion Paper No. 16908, April 2024

Gender inequality over the life cycle, information provision and policy preferences
Casarico A., Schuetz J., Uebelmesser S.,  CESIfo wp 10916, January 2024

Research similarity and women in academia
Bello P., Casarico A., Nozza D., CESIfo wp 10657, September 2023, Revised draft, February 2024

Women in Economics: the role of gendered references at entry in the profession
Baltrunaite A., Casarico A., Rizzica L., CEPR discussion paper 17474, July 2022. Revised draft, February 2024

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The effect of child care costs on gender inequality
Casarico A., E. Del Rey, J.I. Silva, CESIfo working paper 9827, July 2022

Published with the title "Child Care Costs, Household Liquidity Constraints and Gender Inequality", Journal of Population Economics, 2023

Behind the child penalty: Understanding what contributes to the labour market costs of motherhood
Casarico A., and Lattanzio S., CESIfo working paper 9155, June 2021

Published in the Journal of Population Economics, 2023

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The Heterogeneous Effects of Covid-19 on Labour Market Flows: Evidence from Administrative Data
Casarico A., and Lattanzio S., Covid Economics, Issue 52, 15 October 2020.

Published in Journal of Economic Inequality, 2022

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Women, Local Public Finance and Fiscal Adjustment
Casarico A., Lattanzio S. and Profeta P., Dondena Working Paper n. 133, 2019. A revised version here, March 2021.

Published with the title "Women and Local Public Finance" in European Journal of Political Economy, 2022

What firms do: Gender inequality in linked employer-employee data
Casarico A. and Lattanzio S.
WorkINPS paper n. 24, June 2019 and Cambridge-INET working paper 1915 June 2019. 

Published in Journal of Labor Economics, 2024

Awarded the Tarantelli Prize for best paper presented at the annual conference of the Italian Labour Economics society (2019).

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Pay-what-you-want to support independent information: a field experiment on motivation
Casarico A. and Tonin M.
IZA Discussion Paper 11366 and CESIfo working paper 6939, February 2018.

Published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization with the title  "A field experiment on fund raising to support independent information", 2021

Top incomes and the gender divide
Atkinson A.B., Casarico A. and Voitchovsky S.
The Melbourne Institute working paper series, 27/2016;  LSE International Inequality Institute working paper series, 5/2016; INET Oxford working paper, 5/2016

Published in Journal of Economic Inequality, 2018

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What drives the legalization of immigrants? Evidence from IRCA
Casarico A., Facchini G. and Frattini T.
IZA discussion paper n.9666, January 2016

Published in Regional Science and Urban Economics, 70, 258-273, 2018.

Let the voters choose women
Baltrunaite A., Casarico A., Profeta P. Savio G.
CESifo working paper 5693, January 2016,

Published in Journal of Public Economics, 2019.

Tax Structure and macroeconomic performance
Arachi G., Bucci V. and Casarico A.
Dondena Working paper n. 74, April 2015.

Published in International Tax and Public Finance, 22, August, 635-662, 2015.

Spill-over effects of affirmative action: political representation and the power of the elderly
Baltrunaite A., Casarico A. and Profeta P.
CESifo working paper 4955, September 2014.

Published as "Affirmative action and the power of the elderly", CESIfo Economic Studies, 2015, 61, 1, 148-164.

Taxation and Parental Time Allocation Under Different Assumptions on Altruism
Casarico A. and Sommacal A.
CESifo wp n. 4690 March 2014

Published in International Tax and Public Finance, 2018, 25, 1, 140-165.

Spending more is spending less: policy dilemmas on irregular migration
Casarico A., Facchini G. and Frattini T.
Centro studi Luca D'Agliano Development Studies working paper n.330, 2012.
Now circulating as: What drives the legalization of immigrants? Evidence from IRCA.

Published in Regional Science and Urban Economics, 70, 258-273, 2018.


Gender quotas and the quality of politicians
Baltrunaite A., Bello P., Casarico A. and Profeta P.
CESifo working paper n. 3734, February, 2012 and FEDEA working paper, 2013-11.

Published in Journal of Public Economics, 2014, 118, 62-74.

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Great expectations: the determinants of female university enrolment in Europe
Casarico A., Profeta P. and Pronzato C.
CESifo working paper n. 3406, March 2011;
Econpubblica w.p. n. 156;
CHILD w.p. n. 4/2011

Published as: "On the local labor market determinants of female university enrolment in European regions"
Regional Studies, 2016.

Intergenerational Transmission of skills during childhood and optimal public policy
Casarico A., Micheletto L. and A. Sommacal
CESifo working paper n. 3343, February 2011.
Econpubblica working paper n. 154
, February 2011.

Published in Journal of Population Economics, 2015, 28, 2, 353-372.

This paper and other work related to it were featured on La Repubblica.

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